Public Event Displays

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Who we cater for...

Alongside our regular wedding and other celebration bookings, we provide many public displays across the year. These include our busy bonfire night and NYE periods, as well as many festivals, outdoor concerts, sporting events, corporate parties and Christmas Light Switch ons.


We offer everything from simply supplying our fireworks displays, to full event planning, equipment supply and clean up. We are more than happy to work with new events (or those new to fireworks) in the initial stages, with site visits and meetings all part of our display planning process. We are more than happy to look at your venue layout and make suggestions as to the best locations for a display, from both a safety aspect and a visual design aspect.


As each of our clients have had specific requirements as to what they are looking for from our services, we find it best suited to discuss this over the phone or in person so that we can tailor our quotes and ideas personally to your event. This page therefore simply serves to give examples of some of our work to date.



Bonfire Events

Each year our portfolio of displays across the busy bonfire season grows, with new customers joining our yearly contracted displays. In 2019 we provided displays from Scotland, to Sheffield, to Liverpool to York, with seven shows fired on our busiest night alone.


We work on events of all sizes, from fundraising events for schools, local community groups, sports clubs and scout groups, to large scale and sometimes multiday events for councils, event planners and venues. These include providing the Bolton Abbey estate display for the past eight years and working with Events Collective to provide the Illuminate The Gardens event in Sheffield city centre, consisting of six displays over the three night event.


Budgets for our bonfire displays vary greatly depending on the date, location, size, duration and design type. We're happy to give examples of our displays and their budgets so organisers can work out the best display for their event and can happily make suggestions on what would be suitable for the audience you expect to achieve.


For videos of some of our past bonfire events, please see our Bonfire Past Work Page.



Corporate and Promotional Events

We have worked with a wide range of companies on individual projects over the years. From the promotional party for Hull Kingston Rovers for Sky Sports, to corproate Christmas parties, to the launch of the first electric bus in Harrogate for Transdev!


We can offer a completely personal service, as we appreciate corporate events can come in all sizes and shapes. We offer colour matching to your company colours and can produce your logo or message in lancework firewriting. The display can either be a purely firework display, or we can design it to music of your choice to suit the occasion.


We can work with any ideas you may have in mind and we can even combine the display with stage effects such as close proximity pyrotechnics, confetti/streamers, CO2 jets and LED flood lighting. We have fired displays from a range of different venues, from carparks to behind buildings or even the roof! Just tell us your ideas and we can turn them into reality!


Festivals and Outdoor Concerts

Over the past 10 years we have worked on a range of events of all sizes and scales. Our past clients include BeatHerder Music Festival, Bolton Abbey Estate for a Katherine Jenkins concert, OultonFest, and Giggleswick School for a perfomance by the Halle Orchestra.


We offer everything from simply supplying a fireworks display for one or multiple nights of the event (either purely fireworks or a pyromusical choreographed to a performance), to firing close proximity and stage effects. These can include confetti / streamer shots, CO2 jets, stage flames, waterfalls and stage pyrotechnics fired from either front of stage or from behind.


We are happy to put together a package for mulitple effects or days, with breakdowns for each effect and amount of times used. We can also give examples displays we have provided previously and their budgets.



Pageants, Concerts and Other Indoor Events

Sometimes it's not possible to have an outdoor display. Don't worry! We have a range of effects suitable for all styles of indoor event. We have worked on a wide range of indoor events, from multiple pageants, to concerts, to fashion shows to corporate parties and launch events.


We have a wide range of effects specifically designed for indoor use. These include stage fountains of varying size and duration, smaller fountains which can be hidden inside table centrepieces, indoor waterfalls creating a curtain of sparks at the rear of a stage, confetti and streamer shots and dry ice fog.


We are happy to put together a package for mulitple effects used within an event, with breakdowns for each effect and amount of times used. We can also give examples of events we have provided previously and their budgets.