Other Services

We do more than just fireworks alone

Photographic and Video


We can offer photographic and video services through our in house photographer. Please contact us for details.




Audio System


We offer for rental our 3kw PA system with the following breakdown

- 4 x PSR 15A Speakers - 450w each

- 2 x WSR 115P Sub Woofers - 600w each

- 2 x PA Speaker Tripod Stands

- 1 x Pioneer DJM300 2 channel mixer

- 1 x Microphone for public announcements

- Full cabling



We have available 2 projectors, one for smaller imaging and one for full large scale outdoor use.


Also available complete with inflatable outdoor projector screen


Please contact us for details.

Public sale fireworks supply


Please see our shop page for dates and details





Professional Cat4 firework and equipment supply and rental


We are able to supply large and small scale to the professional pyrotechnic industry.


We offer a full range of category 4 material for existing companies or those firing one off professional firework displays, with relevant cover in place.


We offer racking, tubes, stakes, PPE and all other associated equipment should you need it.


We can also offer our digital electronic firing system for hire with full support as part or complete system.


We will require storage and Public Liability Insurance before transactions can take place as without them you are not permitted to purchase or own such fireworks.


Please contact us for details

Hard to access transportation


As we've had so much experience with transporting hard to manoeuver equipment to hard to reach places, we'd be happy to discuss providing our services should you need them.



Please contact us for details