Weddings and Other Private Displays

With us your memorable day will be truly unforgettable

Why chose us for your wedding display?

Every couple wants their wedding day to create everlasting memories and we at Optimum Fireworks have been providing exactly that for thousands of happy couples for many years.


Your display is never just another show to us. We design each display individually to suit your event and budget and invite you to have as much or as little involvement as you wish. We can perfectly tailor the display to all your requirements or alternatively take care of it all on your behalf.


More importantly and as any of our regular venues will testify, we offer without fail the largest display available for your money. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your display will be everything you want.


We have even included in our services pyrotechnic effects to be used at venues that would not normally permit fireworks at all. Nearly all of our indoor effects would satisfy a cautious venue and we can offer a large number of our indoor effects as almost or completely silent outdoor effects, such as entrance and exit fireworks.


What better backdrop for photographs of your bridal reception can you imagine than a sky lit with fireworks? Planned photographic opportunities can also be arranged to help your photographer capture the perfect image with our help.

We work to your budget..........

When it comes to firework displays that impress, budget alone is not enough to compare providers. When faced with a choice, it's far more relevant to compare the quantity of fireworks that will be used for a given price. We are always happy to offer similarly priced firing lists for you to compare against other companies, as we are so confident we excel in our field.


We do however appreciate that many visitors want a "Package Price" or simply suggestions of a budget. For this purpose we offer below our "Packages price guide"; different levels of display options starting at our budget Ruby and Ruby+ package, alongside our standard starting Sapphire package.


We don't as standard charge for anything other than the display itself. So our starting price for each venue is based on the distance we need to travel. Our baseline priced Ruby Package is within 30 minutes traveling of our office in BD21 and each suggested budget can be seen within the descriptions.


At certain times of the year we may be unable to take bookings at these lower rates due to seasonal commitments, these times being around Halloween weekend, November 5th and other bonfire dates and New Years Eve. However please be assured we will still beat other quotes comfortably.

Please be aware that these are only intended as guide prices. As we create every display individually we can work to (almost) ANY budget so please contact us if you have any questions. 

Versatility of Service..........

Your venue doesn't like noisy fireworks, no problem.

Your venue doesn't even like quiet fireworks, no problem!

If your venue won't even tolerate fireworks at all, its often STILL not a problem to us!

To help our customers out over the years, we have created reduced noise, nearly and virtually silent pyrotechnic and non pyrotechnic effects inside and out!


Maybe your not sure if there's enough room or even a place to fire a display from in the first place. Still you needn't worry, we have fired from open fields in Yorkshire to central London rooftops, from carparks sunk below ground level, scaffolding 25m high and even barges in the middle of lakes!

If you have a request but think we will need to bend over backwards to achieve it, then contact us and ask! We thrive on beating every challenge put before us!

Package price guide, inclusive of VAT:

Ruby - £750

Our baseline predesigned display. A fantastic selection of just some of our best value fireworks, consisting of multi shot cakes, roman candles, mines, comets, ground lighting effects, fountains and shells


This budget allows for 30 minutes of travel from BD21 for Sunday to Thursday events and 20 minutes of travel on Fridays and Saturdays.

How long is this display?

Ruby Plus - £850

Our baseline predesigned display with extra punch! A fantastic selection of just some of our best value fireworks, consisting of multi shot cakes, roman candles, mines, comets, ground lighting effects, fountains and shells


This budget allows for 30 minutes of travel from BD21.

How long is this display?

Sapphire - £1000

Bigger isn't always better, but there is an exception to every rule! This is our recommended starting price for most weddings, as it includes a budget that allows for a larger selection of our best fireworks than the Ruby Package, but still offers a better value option than any other company we're aware of. This package is also the starting point for our custom designed displays for every event, where we can include free colour matching, specific fireworks you may have seen and also a more intense display duration.


This budget allows for 50 minutes of travel from BD21.

How long is this display?

Gold - £1250

Our personal recommendation and what has proven to be our most popular wedding package, our fourth budget is still at a lower price than most companies even start at! With this display we're getting bigger and better. A noticeably larger selection of our now premium cakes, accompanied with many innovative firing styles and shells now up to 6". Without fail a display around this budget will leave you warm on even the coldest of evenings. Start your own display for free with this package and above, with use of our genuine antique plunger box!


This budget allows for 1 hour 20 minutes of travel from BD21.

How long is this display?

Emerald - £1500

Now were getting serious. Our Emerald Package will provide an awe inspiring performance! Budgets in this range allow us to fire displays anybody would be amazed at. At this level we fire nearly all displays digitally, meaning we can regularly fire much larger shells in multiples throughout the display, use many more of our larger professional cakes, and have more flexibility in the creative design the display.

This is our starting budget for offering pyromusical displays, recommended for 3-3.5min song durations. Single songs with longer durations may need to consider the Diamond package to allow for this.

This budget allows for 1 hour 45 minute of travel from BD21.

How long is this display?

Diamond - £1750

This package is aimed at offering an extended travel time alongside a larger display budget than the Emerald package. It is specifically intended to offer a wider range of design options when a pyromusical display is chosen, as with this slightly improved budget a song with a longer duration can often be possible.

This budget allows for 2 hours of travel from BD21.

How long is this display?

Platinum - £2200

This package is perfect for those looking for an extended pyromusical, with multiple edited songs, or those looking to add extra duration or intensity to an earlier package. At this budget we have the flexibility to use multiples of higher calibre effects or increase the width and scale of your display (space dependant). It also allows for multiple optional features to be included, such as sparklers, heart shell barrages, lancework and a large scale strobe or willow finale fit for any occasion..

This budget allows for 2 hour 30 minutes of travel from BD21.

How long is this display?

Moonstone - £2750

Our flagship package. No punches are pulled in what will be a legendary performance of light and sound! Guaranteed to beat any other performance of the same budget. As your package selection shows, you expect a lot from your display and can know with conviction that with Optimum Fireworks you'll get nothing less. A variation of the Platinum Package but with a much more ramped up theme. Beautiful moments leading to earth moving thumps and a sky ablaze with our special effect shells.

This budget allows for 3 hours of travel from BD21.

How long is this display?

Optimum - £3500

This package is often required for multi-track pyromusicals, events wanting numerous launches during an evening, accompaniment to outdoor entertainment and larger unusual events. If you simply want a bigger display then the sky is the limit with budgets of this nature, multi launch sites and many more of the expensive effects can be used repeatedly.

Please contact us to discuss the location of your displays of this size.

How long is this display?

Optimum Plus - £5000 and above

The above packages cover the majority of our work however for customers looking for something above and beyond, we have regularly provided our services for much larger events. When wanting something completely unavailable elsewhere, we have access to willow effect shells up to 12" that simply cannot be ignored!

Please contact us to discuss the location of your displays of this size.

How long is this display?

Optional Features........

All of the following features are either already included in some display packages, can be integrated for free if the budget allows or added for the small extra cost shown.

Lance Work - Names, initials, messages and love hearts written in coloured fire.

(average of £25 per letter, £35 per love heart)


Sparklers - A classic crowd pleaser and brilliant for photographers. When providing sparklers with your show, we include distributing them to your guests, assisting the photographer to arrange group shots, we then light the sparklers and dispose of them afterwards, keeping your venue happy. We always carry extra sparklers for the bride and groom to have shots afterwards too.

(based on £2.50 a pack, the sparklers we provide last on average 1 minute and have been chosen for their photographic suitability)


Waterfalls - A beautiful and gentle start or end to a display, silver sparkling cascades falling to the ground. These are made from single units but always used in long strings not alone. Prices are by number on a string.

(, string of 6 = £90, string of 10 = £140, string of 12 = £175, string of 18 = £260, string of 20 £275)


Khoom Fay Lanterns - You and your guests can be involved with your display too by filling the sky with our floating lanterns. For best effect the whole group can release at once, we include assistance in setting up and lighting our lanterns.

(1 @ £8.00, 5 @ £7.50 each, 10 @ £7.20 each, 20 @ £7.00 each)


Starting Plunger/ Button - Start the display yourself by electronically firing the opening sequence. Have your guests count down whilst you take centre stage. The opening shot can be any firework, but fountains, fan slices, mines and loud maroons are popular choices.

(Just £30 and free with the Gold and above packages contact us)


Larger Finale Barrage - Trust us, your display won't be forgotten by anyone, but if you want your final moments to ramp up to surpass anything you've seen before, then choose this feature.

(£50 and upwards depending on the scale of your finale and initial package contact us)


Heart-Shaped Shells - Always popular with our newlyweds. Multiple shells fired in sequence to better ensure a perfect viewing angle, can't fail to add an air of romance.

(£60 upwards for a sequence of usually 4 shells or more)


Colour and Effect Matching - Seen a firework effect that you like or want your display to colour coordinate with your day? Although we cannot "choose" exactly, we can hand pick from a large selection to help give a colour scheme or include an effect into your display.

(Free for our Sapphire package and above, unless specific fireworks are to be purchased that we don't currently stock contact us)


Entrance & Exit Fireworks - Arrive at your venue or leave in style through a shimmering corridor of light. Much better than the traditional confetti, these "ice" fountains can line driveways and entrances for the ultimate photographic opportunity. Darkness is not necessary, but will enhance the effect and the usual restriction of 11pm firing time does not apply, as these fountains are almost silent.

(Price varies, please contact us for a costing. £20 upwards)


Photographic Firework Backdrop - Want to be sure your photographer can capture the perfect set of prints of the bridal party or guests? We can arrange to fire a sequence in collaboration with your photographer, while your guests can be arranged facing the camera, not actually watching the display. Alternatively, if your photographer will have finished before your display is fired, our in house photographer will happily arrange to capture this special moment at very little cost. Please see our other services page for more information.

(Price varies depending on the type of effect wanted and the number of sequences fired contact us)


Pyromusical Displays - The ultimate romantic displays! Have us choose your fireworks by style, tempo and effect to match the musical track/s of your choice. Due to the nature of a pyromusical, the planning involved and the type of fireworks they require, they are only available to larger budgets. As this feature includes PA playing of your song/s it includes complimentary use of our high end sound system.

(Available custom designed for budgets of £1500 and above contact us)


Photography and Videography Services - Through our in house photographer we can offer photograph and video footage of your show along with our drone capabilities, which will be available very soon.

Price varies. Please contact us for more details)


Lighting and Festoon Packages - A very popular addition is our multicoloured LED uplighter provision, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with the ability to colour match the full colour spectrum. We have available 10 of these units.

Our festoon is ideal for outdoor effect and practical illumination of pathways, carparks etc. We have currently available 280m, with 2m spacing in between bulbs. This is hung on shepherd hook pins along your route.

Please contact us for our lighting pricelist)


Indoor Effects - Why restrict your high impact entertainment to the outdoors? We offer ingenious Indoor pyrotechnics that can REALLY surprise your guests! A number of popular customer favourites have been remotely fired fountains concealed in table centre pieces, "ice" fountains around the dance floor during the first dance (especially effective with ground smoke to conceal them), confetti airbursts or confetti cannons and remotely bursting confetti balloons! Many of these effects are noise free or none pyrotechnic, so suitable for venues that won't normally allow fireworks.

(Price varies depending on the effect and number desired. contact us)